Multi Combination Pilaster
Multi Combination Pilaster

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Multi Combination Pilasters

390 x 390 x 190


260 (2×90 Cavity)


Deranco Blocks BAKGAT Pilaster Waling System

The BAKGAT system developed and patented by Deranco Blocks overcomes the problems associated with building on unstable ground as the pilaster block allows the wall to accommodate ground movement without cracking.
The pilaster also acts as a profile for setting out of corners and block courses, allowing the wall panels to be erected by workers with limited skills. In addition the pilasters can be filled with concrete and reinforced if required.
The wall panels require a light footing, and can even be built off lintols spanning between the pilaster bases. Pilaster centers can be extended by introducing reinforced bands within the wall panels.
90mm Walls up to 1.8m high with pilasters at up to 3.14m centres

140mm Walls up to 2.4m high with pilasters at up to 4.74m centres